Hero Volunteer Saves Six Dogs From Rising Florence Floodwaters

In times of calamities, it’s not just humans who need to be rescued but the animals too need who need help.

The gruesome flood waters from Hurricane Florence, the deadly hurricane which struck North Carolina recently, put both humans and animals, into a bad situation.

Look at this heartwarming video posted to Twitter by journalist Marcus DiPaola which shows a brave volunteer freeing 6 frightened dogs who were locked in an outdoor cage in Leland, North Carolina, in the middle of the rising floodwaters.

Ryan Nichols, is that brave volunteer, from Longview, Texas, who waded through the knee-deep water and rescued all the dogs, who were whimpering on their hind legs. After taking them to a safer spot, the dogs swam to safety with some help.
This video has gone viral with it being watched more than two million times, and DiPaola says he hopes people would see it and remember to take their pets with them when an emergency struck, or make some alternate arrangements for them.

“We got them out,” Di Paolo wrote, “but by the time we left, the water was so high that they would have drowned.”
This was a true handwork of God using Di Paolo to rescue these helpless dogs, God bless him.

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