Utah COPA Kids Sings ‘I Will Shine’ By Shawna Edwards

The kids of Utah Conservatory of Performing Arts (COPA) sing a new song by Shawna Edwards “I Will Shine.” The talented kids have outshone themselves in this performance and are winning hearts of people all over the world.

Shawna Edwards has written this song, her website says that she writes songs to share her faith in Jesus Christ and invite others to come to Him and find joy, peace and rest in the Savior.

There’s a light within me
The perfect light of Christ
And I have made a promise
To keep it burning bright

By walking in His footsteps
And following His plan
In every time and every place
In every way I can

I will shine like a candle in the dark
All it takes to make a difference is a smile
And it’s easy to see that the brightest are we
Is when I let His light shine through me

These kids have our hearts with their performance of “I Will Shine,” they are a light to their generation and have absolutely made our day today.

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