Idaho Farmers Gather Together To Save Neighbor’s Potato Crops Hours Before A Deep Freeze

Farmers rallied together to harvest all their potatoes in Idaho Falls, before a deep freeze threatened to ruin them.

But when one of the farmers who lives in Hamer, Idaho, 30 miles away, wasn’t able to make it in time, so the other farmers sent their workers, and “a ton of members of the community” to help save his crop.


Larson, from a nearby farm, said his farm sent 25 employees to help. He said that the convoy of trucks had nine harvesters and about 50 people in total came there.

He shared a video of the convoy of trucks heading to the farm with snow swirling in the air. Most of them had been there till midnight the night before clearing up their own fields.

Larson said the emergency harvest started at 11 am and finished by 8 p.m. that night. He said they were able to save several hundred thousand dollars’ worth of potatoes.

“What people do is they help their neighbor,” Larson said. “There really wasn’t a second thought about it.”

Potatoes across the state were facing a disaster and farmers were rushing to harvest potatoes before the frigid air temperatures entered the soil.

Farmer Brook Bybee said his team worked 16-18 hours a day to get all the spuds out of the ground. “This is a story about helping your neighbors,” he said. “This kind of thing goes on every day across America.”

This is an amazing story of kindness and love shown by farmers towards one of their own, they put aside their own differences and got straight into the act of harvesting to save the potato crop belonging to another farmer.


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