Yolanda Adams And Rose Short Sing Moving Rendition Of ‘In The Midst Of It All’ On The Voice Finale

It was pure magic when Grammy winning artist Yolanda Adams sang a duet of worship song, ‘In The Midst Of It All,’ with The Voice contestant Rose Short.


Yolanda has been singing gospel songs for years with hits like, ‘Open My Heart’ and ‘Never Give Give,’ and now she is singing along with an upcoming singer Short.

Through the pain and all of my sorrows
Through the tears and all my fears
The Lord was there to keep me
For He’s kept me in the midst of it all

Rose Short has won the hearts of the judges and viewers on The Voice and even made it to the Top 4 of the competition. But this stunning performance with Yolanda Adams giving glory to God will give you goosebumps.

But it’s because He loves me so dearly
He was there to answer my calls
He was there always to protect me
For He’s kept me in the midst of it all

Their mind blowing finale performance was aired live on national television and has taken the whole country to church.


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