Carroll Roberson Sings Uplifting Song ‘It’s A Beautiful Morning’

The music ministry of Carroll Roberson has been a tremendous blessing to believers all over; his latest song, ‘It’s A Beautiful Morning,’ is touching hearts.


Carroll’s songs are always full of the word of God and have fantastic music accompanying them, which gives glory to the Father.

Every morning is beautiful because it is the start of a new day in our lives and is a gift of God to us.

Spending the mornings reading the word of God and worshipping Him is an excellent way to start your day.

It’s a beautiful morning
It’s a wonderful day
Walking with Jesus
Every step of the way
He’s got a blessing waiting for you today
It’s a beautiful morning
It’s a wonderful day

Carroll Roberson could have easily used his extraordinary voice and guitar playing skills to earn big money playing non-Christian music, but he has chosen to dedicate his talents to the Lord and is serving Jesus Christ through his music ministry.

It’s a beautiful morning
It’s a wonderful day
It’s such a good feeling
Just to know that you’re safe
Don’t let your troubles stand in your way

Today, as you listen to Carroll singing ‘It’s A Beautiful Morning’, may the Lord speak to you and guide you and make your paths straight and pleasing in His sight.


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