Mother Shares Photo Of School Custodian Comforting Autistic Daughter

A sweet photo shared by a Cincinnati mother of an autistic student being comforted by a school custodian is warming hearts everywhere.

Kenlee is a 4th-grade student at Melba Passmore Elementary School in Alvin, Texas. She has autism, and didn’t want to be in the cafeteria because of all the noise, wrote her mother, Hollie Bellew-Shaw in a Facebook post.

So she grabbed a blanket and lay down on a nearby stage. That was the moment when Esther McCool, beloved custodian there, noticed her and lay down next to her, she patted her on the back for comfort.


“Kenlee adores Mrs. Esther,” Bellew-Shaw said. “She always greets my daughter with kind words and a hug which is so special to her.”

This heartwarming image was shared by Bellew-Shaw in an effort to openly appreciate McCool for her kindness as a school custodian, she called her “the best, sweetest individual in the world.”

“All schools should be so lucky to have their own Angel on campus,” Bellew-Shaw wrote in the post. “Feel free to share so she can get all the appreciation & thanks she totally deserves.”

The photo was shared by Alvin Independent School District, and got many likes and good comments from parents of students studying there.