Nurses Sings Backstreet Boys Songs To Patient Battling Cancer After She Missed Concert Due To Diagnosis

A heartwarming video of a group of nurses putting on an impromptu Backstreet Boys gig for their patient is warming hearts of people all over the country.


Amanda Coley was forced to miss the Backstreet Boy’s concert after a cancer diagnosis. She was looking forward to attend the concert with sister, Maggie Mayes Kingston, in their home state of Georgia. But everything changed when two weeks earlier, the 36-year-old mom of four learned she had leukemia.


Coley and Kingston have been big fans of the group since Coley saw them in concert at age 14, and were gifted tickets to the concert by their husbands as Christmas gifts.

When you get BackStreet Boy’s tickets for Christmas and some unfortunate situations happen… bring a surprise BSB…

Posted by Maggie Mayes Kingston on Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Kingston planned a “Backstreet Boys party” in her room at Northside Hospital in Atlanta knowing Coley would miss the concert. She managed to rope in around a dozen staff members and surprised Coley by singing along to hits like “I Want It That Way” and “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back).”

Kingston then posted the video of nurses at Northside Hospital in Atlanta, on Twitter. “It really lifted my spirits,” Coley said. “I can honestly say the nurses at Northside Hospital are the best.”

The video was noticed by one Backstreet Boy, Nick Carter, who shared the footage writing, “We missed you last night Amanda! Looks (and sounds) like you have a great team helping you get better. We’re thinking of you and sending you love.”

Kingston said that Coley will be in the hospital receiving treatment, and a bone marrow transplant, for the next year. Kingston was tested to be Coley’s donor and they are hoping for a positive result.

Both the girls were disappointed to miss the concert, but Nick Carter’s message helped them regain their mojo. “We both cried together — we were over the moon,” Kingston said of Carter’s tweet. “We still fan-girl pretty hard when we talk about it.”

Thanks to Kingston and the nurses of Northside Hospital, Coley was able to enjoy a Backstreet Boys party in her hospital room. Our sincere prayers and speedy recovery to Amanda Coley.

Watch nurses singing Backstreet Boys to cancer patient who missed concert.

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