Pizza Delivery Man Who Lost His Daughter Recently Gets Unexpected Goodbye Hug From Toddler

A pizza man felt God show up when he got a spontaneous hug from a toddler after losing his own child earlier the same week. Ryan Catterson was grieving the loss of his 16-year-old daughter but felt like the embrace came straight from Heaven when a 2-year-old boy hugged him.

Ryan Catterson with his daughter

Ryan Catterson was on the doorstep with Lindsey Sheely’s pizza, suddenly her 2-year-old son, Cohen, bolted outside to give Ryan a goodbye hug. The proud mom decided to share the precious moment on social media after home security cameras caught the incredible moment. “I put it on my Instagram, actually. I just put it up in my stories because we thought it was funny and cute,” Lindsey Sheely says.


When Ryan saw the video he reached out to thank Lindsey and Cohen for the unexpected goodbye hug and then Lindsey got to know of his loss. Lindsey knew right away divine intervention was behind her son’s unexpected act of kindness. “That hug from Cohen was a little blessing from God,” she said. “I believe in divine appointments and know that Ryan was the one to deliver our pizza for a reason.”

Watch: Toddler gives goodbye hug to grieving pizza delivery man

Rhode Island native, Ryan Catterson’s daughter Alyssa was struggling with mental health issues. And the night Cohen ran out to give Ryan a hug was the same week his daughter had passed away unexpectedly. “It’s going to be tough to know that I’m not going to be able to hug her again,” the grieving dad said. “After losing my daughter this past week, it just touched me because it was like she was there,” Ryan said. “It just meant a ton to me.”

The video had an impact on Danielle McCord too as she said, “It’s so easy to miss people and their internal pain,” she said. “That even goes to our daughter. We didn’t know her pain. I can’t help but be grateful that somebody saw his pain and was able to be there for him.” “I give my thanks to Lindsey Sheely for being so supportive of us,” Danielle said on Facebook. “We’re total strangers, but you’d never know that based on the love and support she’s given.”

Donations too have rolled in to help the grieving family from both Rhode Island and California as they reunited for a memorial service for Alyssa. This miracle goodbye hug was a small act of kindness, but no one knew it would have so much of impact on Ryan Catterson and his family.

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