Teen Credits Jesus After Surviving Horrific Car Accident

An Indiana teen is giving God all the glory for saving his life after he nearly lost his life in a car crash.


Jaydon Lavengood, could not have possibly survived the crash, judging from how badly his car was mangled. As his car starts to flip, he prayed to God for help and miraculously survived, with no visible injuries whatsoever.

The teen called his mom right away as soon as he emerged from the mangled car and sat down on the road dazed and began to declare God’s healing over himself.

Amber, the mother who is also a nurse said “It was instantly a worst-case scenario, expecting some major chest trauma, knowing that the force of any kind of a car flip is enough alone to kill a person.”

Amber had no words for how horrific the car looked, all mangled. Her son should have never survived the crash by the looks of it. However the supernatural presence of God gave both the mother and son, a peculiar peace despite such a traumatic incident.

Amber recounted her son’s words when she arrived at the crash scene, “Jaydon, at that time, kept saying that he was not going to have any broken bones, that he had prayed and asked Jesus, and Jesus had healed him. And he kept saying over and over again, ‘My Jesus saves, I’m not going to have any broken bones.’ As a Christian mom I’m like, ‘oh yeah, that’s great. And the nurse in me is expecting he’s got a broken neck, possibly broken back, he’s got chest contusions. You could see where the seatbelt was. There was internal – it looked like internal bleeding, especially around where the liver was located.”

She added that, “From a medical standpoint, I can’t give you any explanation as to why he didn’t have any broken bones. To have a mild to moderate concussion only is really miraculous.”

When he was ready to go back home, Jaydon remembers thinking “I was like, that’s crazy. I was really thanking God, and I was really happy. I felt great in a week. But my body, I can move again. It was just my – I had a little head problems, but I just prayed about it, and I felt great. I was ready go back to school in two weeks.”

The accident brought visible changes in Jaydon’s spiritual walk with God. People were able to see differences in his life after the crash. His faith grew deeper as also his confidence in the power of the Lord.

“I’ll sit here and pray, and they’re like, ‘You’re not the same person.’ I’m like, ‘No, I am not the same person. I’m a different person. The biggest thing is the power of prayer and just believing in God because He does have a plan for you. And He does give you strength too, it is true,” he said.

God used a horrifying accident which could have resulted in a death to draw Jaydon nearer to Himself and strengthen his faith. All things are possible to God, praise and glorify Him. Amen.

Call upon Me in the day of trouble; I will deliver you, and you shall glorify Me.” Psalms 50:15 (NKJV)


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