Jewish Man Sees Jesus In The Sky, And His Life Is Forever Transformed

A powerful testimony recorded by a Jewish man who saw Jesus in the sky and whose life was totally transformed is going viral on social media.


The man was raised as a conservative Jew in the DC area, and says he had his first conversation about God with his late grandfather who was from Paris and fought in the French resistance and even though much of his family passed away in the holocaust, he was amazed that his grandfather survived even though he was captured many times and somehow feels he was part of it.

He says that when he went to college, he was without direction and smoked pot, and hung out with people who were not good. He once had a bad experience at a party, where he felt he was going to die from all the drinking and that’s when he called out to God. He then returned home and joined a group doing cocaine, but after sometime he woke up one day and asked himself why he was doing this, his whole life seemed empty to him.

He then took up a construction job and started working for Larry the brick layer who was a burly guy from inner city of Chicago. He would see Larry handing out pamphlets, and since Larry was three times the size of him, he felt compelled to take the pamphlet and read it. So, one day when Larry asked him if he had read it, he went home and took out the simple pamphlet and went through it, it was all about sin and the remedy of sin which seemed simple to him but he could not understand it.

As he went through it many times, he felt the Holy Spirit convict him of his sin and make him realize that he is a sinner and that he needed atonement and a savior what the tract spoke of. But he couldn’t understand how his religion would fit in with this Jesus that the tract spoke of. So he prayed to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and after praying he looked up into the sky and saw Jesus Christ.

He felt God talking to him that Jesus was the atonement and remedy for his sin. He later went to his dad’s apartment and spoke of all these things and felt that he had a relationship with God now. But his dad just patted him on the back and said “that’s great,” his step-sister Carol, who lived there gave him her Bible and then every night he would read his Bible and was enjoying his new relationship with God.

As a Jew he was aware that he needed atonement, and believed that one day there would be a messiah who would atone for his sins, and he believes that Jesus is the Messiah whose blood was shed for the atonement of his sins.

This powerful testimony has got more than 146,000 views on social media and has become a viral video on the internet. We pray and believe that in these last days, there is going to be a mighty revival among the Jews where Jesus Himself will appear to many to draw them into the kingdom of God. Amen.


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