3 Important Life Lessons To Learn From The Life Of Job

The book of Job is one of the most exciting books to read as it contains a lot of lessons that will encourage us in our lives today.

book of job life lessons

Although some people consider it devastating and confusing, they ask why God will get into betting with satan, and others see Him as abandoning Job. We cannot question God, for He is the beginning and the end of all creation. He knows the end of everything right from the beginning.

God used the story of Job to challenge and inspire us to trust in Him, no matter the situation, in good times and in rough times, for God will always be faithful toward those that love Him. We must strengthen our faith, hope, and trust in Him so that we might respond as Job in trials that we face in this life.

Here are some lessons we can learn from the life of Job:

1). It’s Possible To Live A Righteous And Blameless Life

Beloved, the Bible recorded that Job lived a blameless and righteous life here on earth; God gave this account Himself regarding Job. In a sinful world, God found a man who was righteous and blameless. A man He is proud of, who obeys His word and walks according to His precepts.

Job 1:1 tells us that there once was a man named Job who lived in the land of Uz. He was blameless—a man of complete integrity. He feared God and stayed away from evil.

Job stayed away from evil, and the fear of God was upon his life. We can choose to live for God today and do the things that will please Him. Job lived long before the birth of Christ, yet he lived a blameless and righteous life.

2). Be faithful to God both when Rich or Poor.

Although Job was the wealthiest man in the east and remained faithful to God, he did not allow his riches to control him or take him away from loving and serving God. Some people allow their riches to control them, leading them into things that will take them away from the God who has made them rich. They no longer have time for the things of God; their love for Him becomes cool.

Job 1:3 says he owned seven thousand sheep, three thousand camels, five hundred yokes of oxen, and five hundred donkeys and had a large number of servants. He was the most incredible man among all the people of the East.

Don’t allow the blessing of God to draw you away from serving God. Instead, let the blessings encourage you to be more faithful to Him.

When Job lost all his riches, he did not renounce God. He remained faithful to God, delighted in the situation he found himself in. Even when his wife told him to curse God and die, he didn’t do that. He answered God has given, and God has taken. He chooses to love God and serve Him.

3). God Is Faithful To Reward Those Who Diligently Seek Him.

God searches the heart of all men and is faithful to reward those who diligently seek Him. Job suffered so many things in his life, but God restored and rewarded him a hundredfold in everything he had.

It doesn’t matter the condition you are facing right now; remember that God is with you, and He knows what you are going through. He is with you to strengthen and guide you throughout that situation. He will reward you for all the good things you have done.

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