Judge Holds Law Student’s Baby While Swearing Her Into The State Bar

A viral video of a Judge swearing in a new lawyer while holding her baby is restoring people’s faith in humanity.


The Tennessee Court of Appeals Judge Richard Dinkins is seen holding the baby in his arms while administering the oath to Juliana Lamar, the 1-year-old child’s mother who recently graduated from Belmont University College of Law.

Lamar said that just before she could be sworn in, Dinkins said he wanted her son, Beckham, to “take part in the moment.” She said she is very glad that her son could take part in one of the best moments of her life and it was truly a blessing. She added that while working as a clerk in Dinkins’s court, the judge was “a guiding light during my legal career.”

Lamar said “When I was nine months pregnant, the day before I found out I needed to be induced, Judge Dinkins spoke on the importance of voting at an event I hosted as the president of my school’s Black Law Students’ Association,” she continued. “During this event Judge Dinkins reminded me of how proud he was of me and that he knew I would do great things, even with a baby in tow.”


Lamar gave birth while attending law school and spoke about the great pressure she was under shortly after giving birth due to the university’s strict policies on absences. “The pressure I felt was horrible, and I hope it has led my law school to rethink its policies for future mothers,” she said.

“I understand having a child during law school is often a choice. However, as young female professionals there is not a perfect time for us to have children,” she added. We congratulate the young mother-of-one on her career achievements and also appreciate Judge Dinkins on his humanity and kindness towards the young woman, there needs to be more done on University policies to be more flexible and inclusive.

Watch: Tennessee judge holds baby of law student while reading out the oath