Kindergartners Surprises Their Beloved Custodian By Singing ‘Happy Birthday’ In Sign

Kindergartners surprised their deaf custodian on his 60th birthday, by learning “Happy Birthday” in sign language in a Tennessee elementary school.

James Anthony, or Mr. James, as he is known at school, has “been a part of Hickerson Elementary’s family” in Tullahoma, Tennessee, for 15 years, said school nurse Angela Ridner, and the school wanted to give him a very special surprise.

The school’s kindergarten kids learned to sing in sign “Happy Birthday,” with help from teachers. This heartwarming video posted to the school’s Facebook page shows Anthony walking into a room where the kids and a few adults are, and they begin to sign, and sing, “Happy Birthday” to him. Anthony is taken aback and smiles, his smile grows wider as the kids finish their performance.

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