Young Boy Who Died In Accident Becomes Miracle For Others Through Organ Donation

It’s been a month since a Destin, Florida boy lost his life in a car accident, but now he is being remembered as ‘a miracle’ after his organs helped give life to others.

Kohltan Ward

11-year-old Kohltan Ward was hit by a car while riding a bike in Destin on Oct. 17 while he was trying to cross the intersection at Main Street and Kelly Street in Destin. Many in the community were praying for a miracle for him He suffered a traumatic brain injury and died Oct. 22.

But even though his life wasn’t able to be saved, he has become a miracle for others around him as his corneas, kidneys, liver, and heart valves will be donated to children needing them. “(The miracle) might not have necessarily been what people thought it would be,” said Caleb Ward, Kohltan’s father. “In the end, he was a miracle, and he was able to help other people even though something happened to him.”


Kohltan’s mom, Asher Ward said the accident was the starting point for people to pray who hadn’t prayed for ages. It reminded parents about the importance of kids wearing helmets, and also to prioritize making time for the children. “This is the darkest time in our lives,” she said. “But knowing how much joy he brought to us and that he was able to give to others and give them the miracle of their lives, we’re just proud.”

Kohltan’s parents said their home felt empty and they miss Kohltan’s stubborn and goofy personality since his demise. “It takes your breath away every time you walk into his room,” Caleb Ward said. But they are at peace knowing Kohltan has made a difference, “There’s so much good that has come from this,” Asher Ward said. “The love and support we’ve received is what’s getting us through.”


The Wards plan to start nonprofit foundations about traumatic brain injuries and raising awareness of wearing helmets, along with that they’re organizing a blood drive at Dalton Threadgill Park in Destin on Nov 22.


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