Jeanne Robertson’s Hilarious Take On Left Brain vs. Right Brain

Humorist Jeanne Robertson, known for her hilarious stories and observations, once shared a side-splitting tale about the differences between left-brained versus right-brained individuals. Specifically, she mentioned her husband, whom she affectionately calls “LB” for the left brain.


According to Jeanne, left-brained people tend to be analytical, detail-oriented, and prefer staying within the box. Right-brained individuals, on the other hand, are more creative, spontaneous, and prefer thinking out of the box.

Jeanne shared how she likes to jot down humorous ideas on paper and have someone read them over to choose the best of them for her shows. When her husband “LB” was that someone, things didn’t go as planned.

Jeanne handed him her paper, asked if it was funny, and went to get coffee. She waited for ten minutes outside LB’s closed office door, but heard not a single laugh. When she asked for an answer, LB responded, “I haven’t read it for funny yet. I’m trying to get these commas corrected.”

Jeanne got her revenge by disrupting LB’s golf outing with friends. She called him and asked a simple question that seems to bother left-brained people. ‘Honey, where’s the hammer?’

LB didn’t get the best score on that hole, and his friends reported that he teed off and the ball went backward.

In the end, Jeanne’s hilarious stories remind us that people have different ways of examining, analyzing, and solving problems and situations. It’s important to appreciate and respect those differences, even if they lead to some pretty funny moments between spouses.

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