3-Year-Old Leaves Crowd Speechless with Beautiful Rendition Of ‘Let It Be’

Three young siblings from The Protsenko family beautifully perform a classic song that has touched many hearts.

Let It Be Protsenko family

Three siblings brought joy to many with their rendition of ‘Let It Be.’ The oldest sibling, a talented violinist, played the melody beautifully.

The middle child, who is six years old, accompanied on the piano with skill that impressed many. But it was the youngest, just three years old, who stole the show with his precious singing.

Karolina, the oldest sibling, is a gifted violinist who also enjoys singing, reading, and baking. Leo, the six-year-old, has a natural talent for instruments and often sings along to the music.

Nicholas, the youngest, adds charm with his singing, making their family concerts special.

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