Children’s Choir Sings Beautiful Cover of ‘Light of the World’

A choir of children sings a lovely cover of ‘Light of the World’ which is filmed and produced by StandOut Studios.


The children joyfully sang the Christmas song about Jesus Christ who came down as the ‘Light of the World’. Humbly calls upon God as they utter the words, ‘The world waits for a miracle. The heart longs for a little bit of hope. O come, O come Emmanuel’.

Lauren Daigle who wrote the song said that as she was writing the song, she was thinking about the 400 years between the Old and New Testaments in the Bible when God was silent for 400 years. And there was stillness in the world, people were searching.

“I wonder how that longing was for people living then. To be honest, it kind of reminds me of today and the longing in people. As I think about those many years of silence, I think of the cry of a baby. We put these stories in a parallel position in the lyrics, connecting to our music and hoping for an ultimate connection with people, through God.”

The world waits for a miracle
The heart longs for a little bit of hope
Oh come, Oh come Emmanuel

The child prays for peace on earth
And she’s calling out from a sea of hurt
Oh come, Oh come Emmanuel

We are truly glad and our hearts are filled with joy at our Saviour’s birth. May you be blessed and filled with the same joy as you listen to the song by this lovely children’s choir.


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