This Four-Year-Old’s Epic Rant Over COVID-19 Lockdown Is All Of Us

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a complete shutdown in cities, towns, and villages, something unheard and unseen in the twenty-first century.

The most affected are the little kids who cannot comprehend why they cannot go out to play or visit shops for ice cream.

A 4-year-old girl’s epic rant over the situation sums up exactly how most of us are feeling right now.


“It’s just not fair because everything that is fun also has to be shut down.”

She goes on a rant about how she can’t even go out to get ice cream in her own adorable little way.

She waves her hands in a frenzy and talks about not being able to go to the ice cream truck.

The little girl is missing her favorite McDonald’s as well and is seen complaining how much she misses it.

This cute girl is speaking straight from the heart and expressing her frustrations to her mom and dad, the video has gone viral with 8 million views.


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