Struggling Single Mom Gives Her Lottery Winnings To Officer Shot In The Line Of Duty

A single mother who lost her job and was struggling to pay bills chose to donate $100 she won in a lottery to a police officer shot in the line of duty and now the Kansas police department has paid it forward to her.


The KCPD was touched by the woman’s act of kindness and set up a GoFundMe page for her and have raised more than $8,000.

Shetara Sims from Kansas City, Missouri, recently went to a grocery store and found a $1 bill in the parking lot, and used it to buy a scratch-off ticket and ended up winning $100.

Shetara’s 12-year-old daughter, Rakiya, suggested they give the money to an officer who was shot on July 2 and was still in the intensive care unit.


On July 10, Shetara anonymously called the Kansas City Missouri Police Department to donate her winnings to the officer, “She went on to say she lives in the urban core of Kansas City, and her daughter was murdered in 2012. She said the detectives who worked her daughter’s case were like her therapists, fathers, and lifelines all in one,” according to the GoFundMe page.

“With her current financial hardship, we urged her to keep the money,” according to the page. “She refused, saying the officer’s family needed it, and the police needed to know they were supported.”


The police department posted about the mom’s act of selflessness on its Facebook page, prompting many users to reach out to share their eagerness to help Shetara — but there was one problem. “The woman had called from an unlisted number and didn’t leave a name. It took a while, but we were able to track her down,” the department explained.


The police department tracked her down and informed her of the fundraiser, Shetara asked: “Don’t the officer and his family need it more?” Shetara and Rakiya were later able to meet the wounded officer’s coworkers and friends, according to a follow-up post shared on the department’s Facebook page. They have raised more than $17,000 till date.

“To hear her call and just express thanks for no reason other than she’s thankful, it’s really impactful to us, and it’s really touching to us,” police Sgt. Jake Becchina said.


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