A Mother’s Heartbreaking Prayer For Her Daughter With Special Needs Is Answered

A heartwarming story of a mother’s heartbreak about her daughter’s condition will make you believe that God still answers the prayer of His people.


Angela was born in Peru with cerebral palsy and hydrocephalus. Her family suffered from poverty and were facing discrimination at local hospitals as they took their daughter for more tests and therapies. Her mother prayed for help and received assistance from Joni and Friends. The charity’s Wheels For the World project provided Angela with a custom-made wheelchair and a Bible, which has transformed their family’s life.

An Angel is born

When Angela was born, her mom found out six months later that she had a disability. She was sad and accepted that it was what God had given her, for her, Angela was a blessing sent by God, an Angel. Soon, she was diagnosed with hydrocephalus and cerebral palsy.



Her mother suffered discrimination at the hospitals, for not having money to pay for therapy. CT scans, MRIs. She was rejected and pushed aside and was rebuked and told to come back when she had the money.


It was a daily struggle for her, she said her daughter needed a pediatric wheelchair which was impossible for her to buy. But daily she prayed to God to send help she said, ‘Only you will send me the right person at the right time. Or to find a way to get a wheelchair for my daughter. That’s how I prayed. And through the struggle, I’ve had. I just had hoped someday that would come true.

The Answer

Wheels For The World provides wheelchairs to those in need around the world where the recipient is fitted by a trained therapist. They received a customized wheelchair and a Bible in their own language.


The mother today says she is very happy to see Angela in her wheelchair because she can take her out everywhere. Before she had to leave Angela at home when she’d go to the market. She is thankful that now she can take her everywhere because of the wheelchair. This has made her faith stronger because she knows God listens to their prayers.

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