Restaurant Owner Drives Nearly 6 Hours to Deliver Dying Woman’s Favorite Dish

Kevin Cherry, owner of the North Carolina-based Mama Kwans, displayed an unparalleled act of kindness by driving nearly six hours to fulfill the last wish of a dying woman in West Virginia.

This gesture not only brought comfort to Heather Bowers, a wife and mother battling cancer, but also showcased the profound impact of human compassion.

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Heather Bowers, on her deathbed, yearned for a pork plate from her favorite vacation spot, Mama Kwans. Her best friend, Mary Simmons, reached out to the restaurant with little hope, but what happened next was truly remarkable.

“I knew it was a long shot, and she calls me by about 5 and she said Kevin already has it packed up,” Simmons recounted. “He’s in the car and he’s on his way there.”

Cherry’s journey was emotionally taxing, yet he remained determined to bring a piece of joy to Heather’s final moments. “About halfway up, I had to turn the radio off and had to talk to myself, saying, ‘You can’t walk in here like this,'” he shared.

His effort paid off when he delivered the meal to Heather, who tragically passed away the following day.

Simmons’s Facebook post expressing gratitude to Cherry has touched many hearts, highlighting the depth of his generosity. “Kevin at Mama Kwans is one of the most genuine people in the world… He literally delivered it to her house the same day I called… This ended up being her last night on Earth,” she wrote.

Despite the sorrow of the occasion, Cherry’s gesture has sparked a hopeful conversation about the power of kindness. He plans to donate $1,000 to the hospice that cared for Heather, further extending his impact. As Simmons put it, “That’s the hope. He made her smile—one of the final smiles of her life.”

This story reminds us that God calls us to act with compassion and serve others. When we follow His example, we can bring hope and joy to those in need. Let’s be inspired to show God’s love through our actions every day.

Let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth.” – 1 John 3:18


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