Contestant On ‘American Idol’ Brings Katy Perry To Tears With Similar Backstory And Incredible Faith

“American Idol” contestant Kalifa Wilson, or “Kai the Singer,” brought Katy Perry to tears with his life story which reminded Katy of her own upbringing.

Katy had shared about her brokenness in an interview in 2018, and how it led her to “a greater, higher power.”

“It gave me a new foundation. It’s not just a material foundation: it’s a soul foundation,” she said.

Her music and lifestyle may be secular but her reaction to Wilson’s story and audition speaks volumes about her beliefs.

Katy said, “When I was 13, the church bought me a guitar,” as she told Wilson how much she related to her backstory.

19-year-old Wilson grew up in shelters and even said that her family was once homeless and lived in a car. Her family still struggles to make ends meet and she doesn’t even have a bed.

But that hasn’t deterred her ambition in life one bit, and is thanking God for her American Idol journey.

Wilson spoke about how her church helped send her audition for the show, and even the guitar she holds in her hands was given to her by the church.