Chrissy Metz Boldly Declares Her Faith In Jesus

For many of us, it is a complete surprise that ‘This is Us’ star, Chrissy Metz used to be very poor at one point of time, and had only 81 cents in her bank account, with zero possibility of her dream of acting coming true.

But her life turned around completely with her role in ‘This Is Us’ and now her lead role in the faith-based film ‘Breakthrough,’ has highlighted Chrissy Metz’s faith, for which she is unapologetic.

Chrissy’s life was full of adversity, and she was completely broke and ready to give up her acting aspirations, but for her steadfast faith in God, which helped her to surrender to His will.

Chrissy Metzs Christian

In the movie ‘Breakthrough’ which releases April 2019, which is a story of unwavering faith, Mother Joyce Smith fully surrenders to God when her adopted son, John, falls through an icy lake. John spends more than 15 minutes in the freezing water and his lifeless body gave doctors no hope. But Joyce, did not stop praying over her son’s body and as doctors were getting ready to declare John dead, God performed a miracle.

Chrissy said, “There’s no question that something miraculous happened, nobody can explain how our why.” This belief of her’s probably stems from the hardships she’s endured in her own life.

She adds, “Joyce’s [faith] never faltered and she continues to believe, just as people believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself,” Chrissy Metz explained. “You have to have somebody to believe in something, somebody to hold on to that. And I think it’s so inspiring in the way that just when you think you can’t, and everybody else’s against you – that God is for you and that’s all that you need.”

She says that her belief in Jesus carried her through the dark times in her life. She says, “There are times where you really feel like, it’s never going to get better, you’re down and out and we get in our heads and we build this fear around something that the only person, or the only thing that can subside that, is our faith in God. I know that from a personal plight of my life,” Chrissy said.

“I know it can be a challenge because the whole problem is that we all want to fit in, we want to be liked and validated,” Chrissy explained. “So when we’re different, we feel it.”

Love heals us. #BreakthroughMovie

Posted by Breakthrough Movie on Monday, December 24, 2018

She boldly declares that God has always showed up for her and is the higher power that’s greater than herself and that she honors this fact without doubting God for a moment.

She refuses to back down on her faith and is unapologetic about it and believes that her movie, ‘Breakthrough’ will inspire others to faith.

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