Man Carries Grandma To Safety After She Struggled In Rising Flood Waters

An elderly lady was seen clinging on to a fence amid rising floodwaters desperately hoping someone would rescue her.


Cars could be seen stopping and moving on as she was calling out for help.


But then suddenly out of nowhere a man emerges out of his car and can be seen rescuing the frightened elderly woman.


It is not known how the woman was caught up in the flash floods but thank God for that brave man who was there at the right time to rescue her.

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Pat Sbarra

I am so surprised that people would see this and not jump out of their car to save this woman. Wait! There WAS someone who saw her and rescued. I hope we all learn something from this. (And if you don’t think you can run into the water and rescue her…..for God’s sake find someone who can!)

Larry Darnell Kitchens

When you have Jesus in you and you in Him, you don’t think about it you just go and do it, because Christ is in charge of your life.

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