Young Man Jumps In to Help Elderly Woman Struggling On Ice

The true test of someone’s character is when no one is watching, and 21-year-old Isaiah Mcintrye had no idea that he was being caught on camera when he helped an elderly woman cross some ice.


On December 8, Isaiah McIntyre helped the elderly woman so that she could get into Katahdin General Store in Millinocket. It all started after he saw the woman slipping and struggling on a patch of ice with her cane in one hand and her purse in another.

He got out of his car and asked her if she needed any help and helped her to the dry sidewalk, the lady thanked him and he carried on not thinking it was a big deal. But there was a woman bystander who caught the moments on camera which ended up on Facebook.

Users identified the good samaritan and the woman in the photo as 93-year-old Marjorie Moore who said her children questioned why she went out on a cold day but she assured them that it wasn’t so cold and there was only a little ice on the sidewalk.

“He was just a young fellow…I thanked him and told him he was a very nice gentleman,” recalls Moore who will turn 94 in January and still lives alone in an apartment at an assisted living community. The picture has been shared more than 2,600 times in Maine and as far as Italy with messages and comments from common people.

“It’s not every day that you see people react positively towards other people,” says Mcintrye who has been surprised by all the compliments. “There is a lot of people who is very nice. Even over at the shopping center, they will see me and say you need help getting into the car or with your groceries. There is a lot of people out there that is very kind,” says Moore.


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