Man Caught on Camera Returning Stranger’s Lost Wallet

A man’s act of kindness was caught on camera when he returned a lost wallet to its owner’s home.

man returns lost wallet

Michael Finner had bought a grill for his wife’s birthday at Lowe’s in Santee. He saw a man selling strawberries and bought some. While loading the grill and strawberries into his truck, he placed his wallet on the hood and drove off, forgetting it.

Michael drove east on the 52 freeway, got off at the Cuyamaca exit, and went home. A few minutes later, he noticed his wallet was missing. He worried about losing his identification and bank cards. “I had all my identification, my bank cards, and it would have been a mess for months,” Michael said.

Michael returned to Lowe’s to see if anyone had found his wallet. “Asked the lost and found and nobody had turned in a wallet,” he said. With no wallet found, he headed home, feeling anxious.

On a hunch, Michael checked the Cuyamaca off-ramp where he thought his wallet might have fallen off. He found a few of his cards scattered along the roadside, including his Costco membership card. He thought someone had thrown them out, deeming them worthless.

“But then I walked 50 more feet and found a $5 bill. A little further up, found a $20 bill, so I thought it must have just fallen off the truck and cars are kicking it down the interstate,” he explained.

Michael spent the next 30 minutes searching the area for his wallet, but had no luck. Meanwhile, a stranger had already found the wallet and was on their way to return it. “To bring it to the house, that’s extraordinary,” Michael said.

The stranger arrived at Michael’s home but found no one there. Instead of leaving, the stranger flagged down a neighbor. “And this guy asked her – hey are you pretty tight with your neighbor – and she was like – well, I’m having dinner over there tonight. And the guy said, ok – what’s his name? She goes Mike… and he goes – that’s the guy… hey can you give him this wallet,” Michael recounted.

Michael’s driver’s license and bank cards were still inside the wallet, untouched. The neighbor did not get the good Samaritan’s name, so Michael has no way to thank him personally.

However, Michael wants to publicly extend his gratitude. “If he sees this, Mike would like to say thank you and invite you over for a barbecue on the new grill,” he said.

Let’s take this story as a reminder to help others whenever we can. Let’s try to bring light and hope to those around us. Even when the world feels dark, acts of kindness and compassion show us the good that’s still out there.

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