Man Reunites With His Wife And Kids After Four Years And His Reaction Melted My Heart!

Dyan and his Sudanese family were separated after he was struck in a refugee camp four years ago while his pregnant wife and two children were settled in the United States. His wife met two kind-hearted women in a North Fort Worth church, they formed a ministry of 100 people to serve refugees in the area. The church had been praying for this heartbroken younger mother for years to be reunited with her husband. Finally their prayers were answered, this is the tear-jerking moment, Dyan reunites with his beautiful family after four years and hugs his 3-year-old son for the first time. His only reaction is to kneel down and praise God for his goodness. This heartwarming story reminds us, not to give up on your faith.

[vimeo id=”192009410″ width=”100%” height=”428″ position=”left”]

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