Dentist Gives Free Smile Makeover To Man Who Never Smiled Without Covering His Face

We all know people who could smile more in life. Dillon Moore is one such person who never seemed to have a smile on his face.

Dr. Kenny Wilstead noticed him on his suggested friend list on Facebook, the dentist noted that the Texan did not smile in photos, even when he was photographed with his two kids.

So when Dillon sat in Dr. Wilstead’s chair a year later for a routine tooth pull, he made up his mind to give Dillon a smile makeover, free of charge.

In a charming video uploaded to Facebook, Dillon reacts to his new smile with saying, “I haven’t smiled since I was a kid without my hand over my face.”

Now Dillon’s profile picture on Facebook has a smiling photograph of himself and his kids thanks to the kindhearted Dr Wilstead.

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