6 Siblings Sing Chill-Inducing Cover of ‘Mary Did You Know’

A group of six talented siblings, known as Joyful 6,sings a stunning cover of ‘Mary Did You Know.’

Mary Did You Know cover Joyful 6

The song ‘Mary Did You Know,’ was originally penned by Mark Lowry in 1984 and composed by Buddy Greene in 1991. It has since become a beloved Christmas classic. Its stirring lyrics and melody capture the wonder of the Christmas story, making it a favorite during the holiday season.

Pentatonix, a renowned a cappella group, brought a new life to this song with their unique interpretation. Featured in their 2014 album ‘That’s Christmas to Me,’ their cover went viral and has viewed over 298 million times on YouTube alone.

The Joyful 6, a family of six siblings deeply rooted in their faith brings us joy with their sweet voices. Their performance, set against a picturesque beach backdrop, brings a new dimension to this cherished Christmas song.

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