‘Miracle of God’: Over 300,000 Baptized in Papua New Guinea

In Papua New Guinea, over 300,000 people have been baptized into the Christian faith in an extraordinary series of mass baptisms.

mass baptism in Papua New Guinea

This story shows us just how powerful and far-reaching God’s love is. Seeing so many people embrace Christianity makes us wonder how we can share Christ’s message in our own communities.

The dedication of these new believers and the hard work of those who guided them remind us of the incredible changes faith can bring to both individuals and societies.

The mass baptisms were part of the PNG for Christ campaign, a joint effort by the Papua New Guinea Union Mission (PNGUM), the General Conference, and Adventist World Radio. This two-week campaign featured Pastor Ted Wilson, president of the Seventh-day Adventist world church, and his wife, Nancy, who spoke at daily events throughout the country.

Pastor Wilson shared the astonishing results of this campaign in a Facebook post on May 19, stating, “The latest information from the South Pacific Division and the Papua New Guinea Union Mission is that 278,369 people have been baptized so far in ‘PNG for Christ’ with only about 52% of the over 2000 sites reporting. This is a miracle of God! Many more will be reported.”

Just a week later, Pastor Wilson announced that the number of baptisms had surpassed 300,000 as more reports continued to come in. He emphasized that the campaign carefully instructed people in biblical truth to help them understand the Gospel, describing the baptisms as evidence of the “Holy Spirit power being poured out on Papua New Guinea.”

The scale of this event is staggering. With so many people being baptized, some locations had to create pools that could accommodate up to 1,000 individuals at a time.

The Adventist Record shared some incredible stories about the campaign’s impact on people’s lives. Drug lords burned their marijuana crops and got baptized, prisoners answered the call to faith, whole villages declared themselves Adventist, healings happened, and people understood the Gospel in their own languages.

Pastor Miller Kuso, the personal ministry director for PNGUM, coordinated the campaign across 2,000 sites, including many in remote areas. He expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to visit different locations and for the support of nearly 300 international speakers who joined the effort.

The impact of PNG for Christ goes beyond mere numbers. It represents a significant spiritual awakening in the hearts of the people of Papua New Guinea. The stories of individuals and communities being transformed by the message of the Gospel are powerful reminders of the hope and salvation found in Christ.

As Pastor Wilson noted, “This is a miracle of God!” The Holy Spirit’s work in this campaign is evident in the lives changed and the faith communities strengthened.

Let’s take a moment to feel the inspiration from our brothers and sisters in Papua New Guinea. Their dedication and faith in embracing the Gospel are powerful examples for us. It nudges us to think about how we can support and spread the message of Christ in our own lives. Whether through prayer, financial support, or active involvement in ministry, we all have a part to play in sharing God’s transformative love.

The mass baptisms in Papua New Guinea show the incredible work God is doing in our world. The dedication of those who organized and participated in the PNG for Christ campaign, along with the deep faith of the new believers, should inspire us to strengthen our commitment to sharing the Gospel.

Let’s pray for the continued growth and strength of the Christian community in Papua New Guinea and for the leaders guiding these new believers. As we witness the Holy Spirit’s power in these events, let’s seek similar transformations in our own lives and communities, always remembering that with God, all things are possible.