Little Girl Bakes And Delivers 1,000 Cookies To Essential Workers During The Pandemic

The pandemic is bringing out the creativity in people like never before and with that said, it is also stirring people’s hearts to do more for their community.

Mia Villa


One 3-year-old girl from New York with a passion for baking is using it to bless frontline workers in a wonderful way. Mia Villa has been baking almost every day and her mother says she has turned the hobby into an exciting adventure. “Mia absolutely loves it,” Devin Villa said. “She can’t wait to learn about where we are going next.”

The mommy-daughter duo from Stillwater, NY have baked more than 1,000 cookies since COVID-19 started and have delivered them to healthcare workers, grocery clerks, police officers, and firefighters. “The world was feeling down and we needed some kindness,” Villa said. “I thought, ‘Who doesn’t love a chocolate chip cookie?’ This little 3-year-old could spread smiles and I hope it teaches her lessons.”


Mia’s Cookie Jar

Villa even created the Facebook account “Mia’s Cookie Jar” where she regularly updates people on their cookie deliveries. “We started out locally, going to places around home and then started getting suggestions from Mia’s cookie followers,” she said. “I love when we go somewhere that has personally impacted a cookie follower, it makes the deliveries even more special.”

Acts of kindness

Villa said that her daughter is learning lessons from these acts of kindness. “She’s taking the lessons she’s learning from all of this and I can see that she is learning through her play at home. She’s pretending to be all of these amazing people,” she said.


“Saving her stuffed animals from fires, curing their ‘boo boo’s’ with her doctor kit, or scootering around the house with her junior officer badge and saving them from danger.” The recipients are always excited when Mia shows up with a box of cookies and a hand-made drawing.


Villa said parents don’t need to wait until their children are a certain age to teach goodwill and giving to others. “It’s truly amazing to see at such a young age how much they absorb. It’s just proof that it is never too early to teach them to be kind, grateful, and to have a giving heart,” Villa concluded.

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