Man Singing Beautiful Rendition ‘Hallelujah’ Is A Timely Reminder To Cling To God!

“Test all things. Hold fast to what is good .Flee from every form of evil”(1 The 5:22)

Michael Hanson is singing a touching melody about the importance of keeping “Hallelujah” as a sacred chord in our life! Through his song “Hallelujah” he is reminding us about the fall of great mans like David and Samson losing their virtues over lust!

Evil appearance and temptations are bound to come in each and everyone’s life! But falling in to temptations is something we can avoid by keeping the word of God in the midst of our heart! We can abstain from every evil appearance by a conscious decision to flee from it! Dear friend God wants us to test everything before we choose the good one! Let’s tuned to flow in the Spirit and follow the guidance of our Loving Dad to keep the “Hallelujah” in our lips! Remember that secret chord is only to please the Lord!! Don’t exchange it with the worldly pleasure!

“My son, give attention to my Words, Incline your ear to my saying. Do not let them depart from your sight. Keep them in the midst of your heart! (Prov 4:21)

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