Soldier Gives Kids A Heartwarming Surprise And Their Reaction Will Melt Your Heart

A moving video of a soldier’s homecoming surprise for his two kids has been gaining a lot of popularity online.

It has been a tough 9 months for Jay Clemons who has been serving in the military overseas, away from his wife and kids.

The two Lee county students were surprised beyond belief when their dad Jay Clemons turned up at their school.

He first surprised his son Skylar by visiting him at Saltillo Primary school and and then his daughter Anna Grace.

Clemons then went to his daughter’s school, Mooreville Middle school to surprise her, Anna Grace sees her dad and then looks at all her friends in disbelief before hugging Clemons. The students and teachers present there gave them an applause and everyone was overcome with emotion.

The family is overjoyed that they will be spending time together with each other.

Watching this video will surely bring tears to your eyes just like us.

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