Military Mom’s Surprise Homecoming Leaves Daughter In Tears Of Joy

High school freshman Kyesia Johnson was on her routine work out at gym class when she got a happy surprise to jump up! She was in her gym class on Monday when her mom Sergeant Jessica Brooks strolled in through the doors of the gymnasium.  And when the girl spotted her mom, she immediately leaped into her arm, screaming with tears of joy!

Satff Sergeant Jessica Brooks had been deployed to Kuwait for the past nine months. This Sergeant mother wanted to give her daughter a surprise and without any prior information about her homecoming, she just walked into her daughter’s school. Jessica’s daughter Kyesis Johnson studies at Alexandria Senior High School.For Kyesia, her mother is like her better half and she was missing her so badly.Seeing her back to home Kyesia felt like a weight was lifted off from her shoulder and she was happy to relax on her  mother’s arms.

This surprise reunion was so much heartwarming for the mother and child and they both seen excited to meet again! “It was as good as I’d hoped,” Brooks said of her daughter’s reaction. “She is growing on me so she is kind of heavy, but we made it happen.” The loving mom has missed several milestones in her daughters life, including her daughters first day of her high school, cheer-leading competitions and it’s bee really hard for her to miss it altogether!

Johnson, Who has been serving for 14 years, is now planning to marry her fiance who is also deployed at Kuwait! I hope next time freshman daughter will get a dual surprise!

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