Mother’s Singing Brings Baby to Tears

Get ready for some heartwarming tears! A video captures a young boy crying happy tears while his mom sings to him.

mom singing makes baby cry

Kids need love, attention, and to feel important. Babies especially need love because they depend on others.

In the video, the camera focuses on a boy in a chair while his mom sings.

The boy looks at his mom with so much love. It’s clear she means everything to him.

As his mom sings, the boy’s lip trembles, and tears fill his eyes. But he’s not sad or scared; he’s happy and filled with love. After about 15 seconds, he starts smiling, enjoying his mom’s song.

The mom apologizes for her singing but says she’ll keep singing because her son loves it.

“I literally can’t! Excuse my voice, he loves it and that’s what matters!” she writes.

Before the clip ends, the mom tells her emotional child, “I love you.”

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