Police Officer Responds To Call About A Suspicious Man And It Turns Into Incredible Act Of Kindness

Our police officers have done it again, this time a central Indiana cop is moving hearts with an amazing act of kindness which was captured on his bodycam.


It was a Monday afternoon, when Lt. Randy Rogers with the Mooresville Police Department responded to a call about a suspicious man by the side of the road at SR 267 and County Line Rd.

When he arrived there, the man was walking about seemingly normal, but he stayed to check on him. “He had some identification on him. (I) ran his information and made sure he wasn’t a wanted person or anything like that,” said Lt. Randy Rogers.

Once his information was cleared, he got to know that the man who’s name was Bryan, had lost his home and was going to Florida to see his family. “He was just very down on his luck and he just felt like he had nothing to lose by doing what he was doing, that’s why he chose to take the journey and try to make it,” said Lt. Rogers.

Officer Randy Rogers

So the officer asked him which route he was taking and if he had, had a meal. Dash camera video then reveals the two continuing their conversation in the patrol car. “I asked him how you would feel if I treated you to a big sandwich and a drink and he said, ‘I would love that’,” said Lt. Rogers.

So they went to Knuckle Sandwich and a double cheeseburger was the order. Lt. Rogers paid from out of pocket and then had to return back to work. “I’m glad I helped him and I’m glad he’s appreciative,” said Lt. Rogers.

Lt. Rogers went over the directions again with Bryan and wished him luck. “Everybody does something for somebody somewhere along the lines and I try to give as much as I can,” said Lt. Rogers.

Watch: Dash cam video shows police officer’s act of kindness

It’s been 22 years of service for for Lt. Rogers in the department and he is still following the advice a veteran officer gave him before he was even sworn in. “If you take care of the people of Mooresville, Mooresville will take care of you and here we are,” said Lt. Rogers.

The Mooresville Police Department shared the post on its Facebook, which has already received more than a thousand likes and hundreds of comments and shares.

The people of Mooresville are so blessed to have caring and responsible officers like Lt. Rogers in charge of them. Let us pray that this compassionate police officer would be an example to the entire police force in our country.


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