The Detty Sisters Singing ‘My Lord Is Taking Good Care Of Me’ Is Adorably Beautiful

The Detty Sisters have come out with their new music video of ‘My Lord is Taking Good Care of Me’ written by Bro. Stacy Pearcy and is part of their new CD titled “Old Highway”.

I got up this morning and I started my day
God’s mercy was with me all of the way
His goodness stayed close by to meet all my needs
My Lord is taking good care of me.

The video starts with one of the younger ones from the Detty Sisters getting out of bed with a grateful heart towards the Lord. Then the sister is joined by the rest of the sisters who are sitting in a beautiful outdoor location and having a tea party.

I’m never forsaken i’m never alone
One day i’m moving to my brand new home
I’m blessed beyond measure just look close you’ll see
My Lord is taking good care of me

‘My Lord is Taking Good Care of Me’ reminds us that Lord is always in charge of our lives and is taking care of all of us and all His children everywhere.


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