Terminally-Ill Father Is Granted A Dying Wish By His Choir Mates Will Touch Your Heart!

Love never fails! The acts of love towards any creation will always remain as a true memory to cherish! Our brother 65 year old Peter Kennedy devoted his God given voice for 20 years with the New Mill Male Voice Choir! Sadly, Peter was diagnosed with the terminal cancer and had to stop singing with his choir group, but he continued to hold them in high regard!

Peter, knowing that his days are less to be here with us, he made his one simple wish and that was to watch the choir perform again!! His entire choir group decided to extend their love honoring his wish in a special way! The vocal choir stood outside Peter’s window and started performing an impromptu concert right in the middle of the lawn for Peter and his family!

These 34 member choir group poured out their sincere love and respect to this honorable man and his legacy. Such a beautiful act of kindness and love is worth watching! We are praying for you , Peter!

“I could strengthen you with my mouth, And the solace of my lips could lessen your pain.”(Job 16-5)