Newborn Baby Adorably Smiles As Dad Plays Music

A cute video of a newborn baby smiling when daddy plays music through his phone is melting hearts all over the country. As a new parent you are continuously learning what makes baby happy or upset, and it seems this new dad has figured it out pretty fast.


The moment was very special for the new father and his newborn baby as it was their first actual meeting and you can see that they really bonded well. The dad gently rocked the baby to sleep as he played music on his phone.

The huge smile on the baby’s face says it all, as daddy gently rocks him to sleep in his arms with the music playing in the background. It seems baby has approved of daddy’s musical choices and daddy too has a big grin on is face, their bonding has made this whole moment so special between the two.

This heartwarming clip has really made our day special, and we hope it makes your day bright too.