Newlywed Couple Donate And Serve Wedding Food To Homeless Shelter

Pictures of a newly-married Parma couple serving food with the underprivileged in society while dressed in their wedding clothes are inspiring thousands across the country and the world.


Melanie and Tyler’s wedding was very different from the one they originally thought of. They held their reception in the City Mission’s Laura’s Home to serve homeless women and children.

Their formal wedding reception was canceled due to COVID-19 and the then decided to donate their reception food to guests at Laura’s Home, and also serve them while still dressed in their wedding outfits.

“Why not spread the love, seeing everybody happy is making us happy” new bride Melanie Tapajna. They were still in their wedding gown and tux and spent their first few hours as husband and wife in the City Mission’s kitchen.


They were seen cheerfully dishing out fried chicken, mac and cheese, greens, and other items to the inhabitants there. “We paid for it already so we’re like we might as well donate it,” Tapajna said.

Richard Trickel, CEO of The City Mission said, “They’ve could’ve done a hundred other things you know and yet they’re choosing to do this.”


“A real act of giving and compassion on a day that is the most important day of their life,” he said.

Trickel shared it was the first time to his knowledge someone has donated their reception food to the crisis center. “I just thought ‘Holy cow, what an unselfish, wonderful idea,’” Trickel continued. “I think it communicates to the women that there are people who care for them.”


There were children there as well who benefitted from this couple’s generosity. “It’s the children, that is our future, and they deserve to enjoy everything, that we could possibly give them,” the bride explained.

The Tapajnas support a charity every year and had to change their wedding plans multiple times due to the global pandemic.

They’re happy with the way their wedding day turned out. “This is actually, probably the best outcome,” said the new Mrs. Tapajna.


The couple postponed their honeymoon trip and are spending time fixing up the new home they just purchased.

We pray that this amazing couple is blessed immensely in their marriage for their kindness and compassion to the less privileged.


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