Woman Posts A Newspaper Ad And A Complete Stranger Saves Her Life

42-year-old Jennen Johnson was given four years to live as she was diagnosed with kidney failure in last November. Like every mother, Johnson also wanted to see her daughter grow up. So this single mother was determined to survive. She was not ready to try the luck by putting her name in the transplant list to find a match. Instead Johnson placed an ad in the Now magazine classifieds asking for help and it read:

Mother of a 12-year-old daughter desperately looking for a generous O blood type willing to get tested and possibly donate a kidney to save my life. If seriously interested in helping me continue to be a mom to my daughter for the years to come, please contact [me].

Soon after it published, 37-year-old Christi Nolan, a yoga instructor who lives in Hamilton spotted the ad and decided to reach out to Johnson, Surprisingly the two women were a perfect match. The surgery was successful and both of them are currently recovering in the hospital. It was not only a life saving gift but also it led Nolan and Johnson to a beautiful friendship.

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