NFL Player Stops To Help His Old High School Teacher After She Got a Flat Tire on Her Way to Mass

A story of a NFL linebacker coming to the rescue of his former high school teacher stuck in a bad situation is garnering a lot of attention online.

Martha Isbell was on her way to Easter mass on Sunday when she got a flat tire on a highway in Lake View, South Carolina. But thankfully, 23-year-old Darius Leonard of the Indianapolis Colts was driving by just as her tire popped.

Isbell was Leonard’s former high school biology teacher and had admittedly been harsh to Leonard at school, but she always had a special place for the clown of the class in her heart.

“I was glad to see him because I knew I was safe with him there,” Isbell said, “He knew it was me. If I had been a complete stranger, he still would have done it anyway. He cares enough to help anyone.”

On the fateful day, she said, Leonard changed her car tire carefully and is very thankful for his action, she says she has been taking care of her father, who is currently battle stage 4 cancer.

She says that if Leonard, did not show up when he did, her dad would have been inconvenienced and they would not have been in time for Easter mass.

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