Nightbirde Shares Faith-Filled Message After Leaving AGT Due To Health Reasons

Even as the finals of America’s Got Talent are underway, the judges and audiences can’t seem to get over Nightbirde, a singer who left an indelible mark on the competition with her beautiful voice and tough battle with cancer.

nightbirde health update

The singer who was predicted to win the talent show shared a message in the Finals about how faith in God has kept her going even in the most difficult phase of her life. Nightbirde shared about how she still trusted the word of God even as she had to skip out on the Finals of the talent show due to health reasons.

Jane Marczewski, better known as Nightbirde, has been a delight for fans of AGT ever since her first audition. She impressed Simon Cowell so much with her original song, that he gave her the much-coveted Golden Buzzer.

Nightbirde, had to leave the competition in August to focus on her health, she said not being part of America’s Got Talent finals was hard for her.

“I bet you never saw someone win so hard and lose so hard at the same time. This isn’t how the story was supposed to go. I spend a lot of time squeezing my eyes shut and trying to remember what I believe; counting my breaths in the grief cloud; burying my face into God’s t-shirt,” the singer wrote on Instagram.

For Nightbirde to share a post about her faith in God even when she couldn’t be in the finals of America’s Got Talent and win the competition, speaks volumes of her walk with God.

Nighbirde said her faith in God could not be shaken, “I remind Him sometimes, (and not kindly) that I believed Him when He told me the story He wrote for me is good, and that He never stops thinking of me,” she added.

“I must be a fool in love because even from under all this debris, I still believe Him. And when I’m too angry to ask Him to sit on my bed until I fall asleep, He still stays.” She shared the message alongside a video of star balloons being released into the sky over the ocean.

“Someone released a fist full of wishing stars at sunset (STAR BALLOONS?! I mean WHAT!!) and yes, I sure did wish on everyone,” she wrote. “Here we are, you and I, signing off on the risk of REBELLIOUSLY HOPING for better days. Let us not be blind to our own glory. I’m raging and crying and hoping with everyone who needs to rage and cry and hope tonight. Also wishing on helium balloons.”


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Judge Simon Cowell, was missing Nighbirde in the finals and told host Terry Crews that he had spoken to her before the big night. “The great news is she’s doing better! I know she would have been here at the finals and we’re all sending you, Jane, our love,” Cowell said. “We miss you. Just get better. We love you.”

He said in an interview, that he believed Nightbirde made the right decision for her health. He had no doubt about Nighbirde winning the contest when he said, “Would she have won tonight? I think she probably would, actually,” said. “And I think she knows that deep down.”

Our prayers and thoughts are with Nightbirde and her family. We pray for complete healing and deliverance from Cancer and restoration in her life.

Isaiah 41:10 “Fear you not; for I am with you: be not dismayed; for I am your God: I will strengthen you; yes, I will help you; yes, I will uphold you with the right hand of my righteousness.”


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