Non-Verbal Boy With Autism Speaks Fluently In Viral TikTok Video: ‘God Is Our Healer’

A video of a non-verbal boy from Ohio speaking his first words has gone viral and is bringing much joy and happiness to thousands of viewers across the country.


Non-verbal boy

Micah, a 5-year-old boy with autism from Ohio, defied doctors and expectations from family and relatives to speak his name for the first time ever. His mother, Hailey McGuire said, “Micah has always been a really sweet, tender-hearted, quiet kid,” his mother said. “Obviously, he doesn’t talk, but he kind of keeps to himself,” she added.

Posted by Haley McGuire on Tuesday, May 26, 2020

“He’s always been extremely loving. I know that that’s not necessarily normal for kids with autism. They like to not be touched and they like to be alone. But he’s very affectionate and loving. It’s been easy for us to be so happy and encouraging with him.”

She said that he would occasionally speak a word or two but wasn’t consistently speaking. “Every now and then, he’d blurt out a word,” she said. “But when I say ‘wasn’t talking,’ he would go weeks without saying anything.”

Viral Tiktok video

All that changed when Micah was exposed to the online world. The family uploaded a video on TikTok this week, where Haley says on the comments in a Facebook post is her sister, can be heard coaching Micah. She can be heard breaking his name down into two syllables and waits for him to repeat it and he does for the very first time to the applause and uproar of his family:

He looks delighted with himself and does a flip with the help of another family member. “It’s been a day and a half now, and everything we ask him to say, he’s copying,” McGuire continued. “He’s not going out of his way to say anything on his own, but he’s literally copying everything we say, which is crazy because he wasn’t talking at all.”

“I’m just really emotional. I’m really proud of him,” she said. “I don’t think I have an accurate word to describe how I’m feeling other than really — maybe I’m speechless.”

They shared a new TikTok video where Micah can be seen repeating a variety of family members’ names, and the videos have become viral with millions of views. “[I]t brought me to tears because i can totally relate my son also started talking not too long ago and this is exactly our reaction and he loved it…so he never stopped talking….speaks in sentences now,” one woman commented. “[T]hankyou for reminding me what his first words meant to me.”

“It came across my feed today,” another mom wrote. The family cannot believe their boy has started speaking and that people are loving the videos of Micah’s achievement, McGuire commented, “please never stop believing! God is our healer!”


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