Nonverbal Boy With Autism Is Given A New Puppy By Parents To Help Cope With Lockdown

With his life being disrupted by the lockdown, a 4-year-old boy with autism down was given a brand new puppy to help get him through. (Scroll down to watch the adorable video)


Carl Morrison, resident of Enniskillen, Northen Ireland, gave a puppy to his son Hayden, to help him cope with social distancing and shared the moment on Twitter.

Carl explained that Hayden, doesn’t talk and relies on a daily routine to help him with autism. But since the lockdown started on March 23, it has really affected his routine.

The sweet video was captured when Hayden was handed the puppy in the family car, it shows his face lit up with joy as the Golden Retriever Marley was placed on his lap.

Hayden looks deep in thought and frowning as he sat in the family car. But the moment his mother walked by the window holding the adorable puppy and presented it to him, his face immediately lit up.


Carl and his partner noticed that their son was finding it hard with the sudden change in his daily schedule, due to the lockdown.

‘He was used to going to school every day, going to both sets of grandparents on set days,’ said Carl.

‘He would go to the park or go swimming, so he got very frustrated being stuck in the house.

‘He was having a lot of meltdowns. Since we have got the dog he has settled a lot better and has fewer meltdowns now.’

Carl said the meeting was very special because Hayden rarely showed his emotion, and it was ‘great to see that smile.’

Thousands commented to Carl’s tweet.

‘That’s brilliant you can see the happiness in his little face,’ one said.

‘Oh my days, what a wee dote, look at his gorgeous face smiling away. This has made my week,’ another wrote.

‘This is the most precious thing. This pup will bring this wee fella the happiest days/ weeks and years to come and also help him every step of the way. Best friends forever,’ one said.

Watch: Nonverbal Autistic Boy Receives Puppy In Adorable Video

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