Nursing Student Gets Surprise In Classroom From Dying Man She Saved On Side of Road

A brave young woman did the ultimate act of kindness by saving the life of an unknown stranger.

Lindsey was going to a Justin Timberlake concert in Indianapolis on April 2 when she saw a man struggling to walk on the road, “He started waving his arms and he fell to the ground,” Lindsey said.

BNL student uses training to save life

BEDFORD — Lexi Lindsey was focused only on anticipation of a great experience at…

Posted by The Times-Mail on Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Lindsey had taken a course on health careers at the North Lawrence Career Center (NLCC) which taught her emergency training in crisis, Lindsey decided to help the man out, “I screamed, ‘Stop the car!’” That man was Brian Putt, and he had fallen in a spot where he could have been hit by oncoming traffic.

She decided to dial 911 and tried to move Putt who was double her size, out of the road.

On the other side, Putt’s internal cardiac defibrillator was shocking him, which Putt managed to tell her about, before having a seizure. Some people stopped by trying to help him out, but only Lindsey had the much needed medical knowledge in the situation.

“He was wearing a FitBit and I could see that his heart rate was extremely high,” she explained. “I was ready to do CPR if I had to.”

When Putt began having seizures, Lindsey rolled him on his side and used all her medical knowledge to save him him through the ordeal without even getting his name.

The following week, as Lindsey was in her classroom at the NLCC, she had a surprise visitor.

BNL senior surprised by the man she saved

BEDFORD — The first time Lexi Lindsey laid eyes on Brian Putt, there was no…

Posted by The Times-Mail on Wednesday, April 24, 2019

“I can’t imagine what that day was like for you…” he told her. “You have so much character, you broke down a stereotype for your generation…”

Lindsey’s said to him with tears in her eyes, “I’m just glad you’re OK.”

Putt gave Lindsey a beautiful bouquet and clicked a picture together. Putt, was a U.S. Navy Veteran, and handed her a hard-earned dolphins pin he’d been awarded as a U.S. Navy sub fleet member in 1993. “You earned them,” he told the teary young woman.

It was a beautiful gift from Putt to the young nursing student, in response to the gift of life that she had given him.

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