Father of 5 Delivers Tear-Jerking Audition on American Idol with Sam Cooke Classic

Odell Bunton Jr., a 28-year-old father of five, touched hearts with his soulful rendition of Sam Cooke’s ‘Bring It on Home to Me’ on American Idol.

Odell Bunton Jr audition

Many parents dream of giving their children a better life. Odell is no different. He and his wife are raising their five children in a hotel. To support them, he works the night shift as a security guard at the Dallas airport. But Odell believes music can change their situation for the better.

Odell discovered his passion for singing at age 6. “I knew this is all I wanted to do. This is it!” Odell said. He grew up singing in the church choir with his siblings. He quickly went from singing to leading songs and then to leading worship. His mother was the driving force behind his musical journey. At the age of 13, Odell began his professional music career.

The judges, Katy Perry, Lionel Richie, and Luke Bryan, were all visibly impressed by Odell’s performance. Katy Perry said, “I would say that you’re the best soul singer we have this season.” Lionel and Luke agreed, with Luke admitting Odell’s performance gave him chills.

Odell’s successful audition marked a significant step toward achieving his dream of a better life for his family. Through his music and determination, he’s on his way to potentially turning his dreams into reality.

WATCH: Odell Bunton Jr. Sings Sam Cooke Classic on American Idol Audition

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