Kentucky State Trooper Holds Fussy Baby At Restaurant So Mother Can Eat

A police officer is being praised for helping a stressed out mother by holding her fussy baby.


The Kentucky State Police trooper, Aaron Hampton, 27, was eating dinner with other troopers at a Mexican restaurant in central Kentucky when he saw the mother Tabatha Corbitt, 29, struggling to eat and soothe her crying 3-month-old son Zerak.

Hampton, himself a father of a 15-month-old, said God “put it on his heart” to offer the mother a helping hand. “I have a child of my own so I know how that goes. God put it on my heart to go and help her out,” he said.

“She agreed. Kinda reluctant she said he doesn’t like strangers but he came to me right away. Kinda smiled and laughed. Cried a little bit at first I told him to stop resisting and he was fine after that,” he added.

Corbitt called it a “heartwarming” moment. She said, “He got up from the table filled with other troopers to devote his attention to my baby so I could eat!” she said. The moment was captured by Karen Cox, Corbitt’s mother, who shared the photo with police support page Kentucky Going Blue, where it quickly went viral.

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Original Credit: K. Cox

#WeSeeYou KSP Trooper Aaron Hampton!

Posted by Kentucky Going Blue on Monday, September 30, 2019

Hampton commented on the now-viral post and said that the KSP taught him “the lesson of service over self,” something he and his colleagues implement everyday. Hampton’s wife, Kristen, agreed and said that he and his colleagues often help people and she’s glad his video is going viral for such a good reason.

Posted by Kristen Faith Hampton on Wednesday, October 2, 2019

“This is my husband and I am so proud of him!” she said. “We have a one year old and we know exactly what that’s like!” She added, “It is really cool though because he does help people a lot, but this time he actually got recognition.”

Trooper Hampton remains humble and says, “All glory goes to God,” he said, “We had a fallen trooper, Eric Chrisman, who said ‘God first, family second, and everyone is family.’ We treat everyone like we want our family treated.”

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