Police Officer Worships The Lord By Lip Syncing ‘I Can Only Imagine’ With K9

There are many videos of police department doing their own lip sync challenge and posting it online. Today, Chief Hepler and his K9 Fox from The Hollywood, Alabama Police Department are inspiring us with their very own faith-based lip sync.


They did a lip sync to MercyMe’s hit song ‘I Can Only Imagine.’ The police officer and his dog belted out this powerful tune and were so good and was filled with the power of the Holy Spirit.

The best part of the video was the moment when the officer got down on his knees and raised his hands to the Lord in Heaven. It was a powerful testimony to his faith and devotion to God. How amazing to see an officer publicly worship the Lord.

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chester Ederds

thank you sir and bless you this toughed my heart

Stacy Scott

I could feel the Holy Spirit as the song was sang. Beautiful man and dog. Thank You




My Son is a Police Officer here where I live and a Worshiper of Jesus, LOVE that you put this out there and are not afraid to show your faith to others! Amazing! Thanks for all you do!

Cindy Turner

Great video! I love this song…God bless you Sir! Thank you for your service!

Charnell Puska

Beautiful. The lyrics are so blessed.

wanda l pierce

very amazing really inspiring very warming you can tell he is truly a man of GOD

Sharon Phillips

Chills. Just glorious. Love it. We don’t have enough of public profession of worship to God. This was beautiful.

Candy Cornelius

Thank you both. Public displays of faith are much needed in today’s society. And especially from an officer.
Thank you also for your service. I pray for safety of our officers as you risk your lives to protect ours.
Be safe and please continue to show your faith

Linda Black

Exactly what i needed this morning …. Thank u so much for Sharing ur Love of Jesus in such an Awesome way. Thank u Jesus for this Gentleman.

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