Police Officer Thanks Jesus For Saving His Life After Being Thrown 20-Feet In The Air In Terrible Crash

A Miami-Dade motorcycle police officer is crediting God that he’s alive after being involved in a head-on collision with an SUV. Matt Larsh says that there is no way he should have survived the terrible crash and claims it’s nothing but a ‘miracle of God.’


Speaking about the crash, the former U.S. Marine veteran says, “The gentleman driving the SUV pulled out in front of me and I hit him head-on,” said Larsh. He was on the way to the Miami-Dad Police headquarters for a training exercise when the SUV dashed into him at the intersection of Northwest 36th street and 53rd Ave.

The accident launched Larsh 20 feet into the air resulting in considerable injuries to him. “I spent three weeks in the ICU undergoing 10 surgeries that I know of. My knee was fractured. My quad was severed, my bladder was ruptured, my quad, my pelvis was fractured,” Larsh said.

Larsh thanks Jesus and realizes he’s been given a second chance at life. “I just thank you, Jesus. You saved me once and here you are saving me again,” Larsh said. Some days later when he saw the video of that accident, he realized the full aftermath of it and how blessed he was just to be alive and share his story.

Although the driver of the other vehicle was ticketed, Larsh says he has a long road to recovery because he still can’t walk. “I do believe God had a hand in my landing and this whole incident. When you look at it, there’s no other word for that other than a miracle,” he said.

Meanwhile, a GoFundMe page has been set up by his daughter Jennifer, to help the family while Larsh recovers and is unable to work. She says he would require about 9 to 12 months of recovery with a year of therapy and physical rehab.

What a wonderful testimony from a Florida officer who acknowledges the power of God and calls his survival a miracle. Let us keep Matt Larsh and his family in prayer so that he would be completely restored and the family would have all their needs fulfilled.


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